Dial up? High speed? Both? Maybe something contactless that can accept payment via Smart Phone?        Hit us up for the latest PCI Compliant and EMV capable versions. 

Virtual Terminals - Level lll processing

Having a "web based" virtual terminal means that you don't store transaction data on your hard drive.       It's "cloud" based on a super secure server. Our B2B-GSA Card merchants will love our "Level III" processing solutions that not only give your client incredible line item detail, but also reduces your monthly fees by   20%-30%. 

Mobile Payments -  Contactless Solutions

It's the chicken and the egg. Merchants don't want to buy the hardware because people still carry credit cards, and people still carry credit cards because nobody can take a Smart Phone payment. Interchange Executive Group believes that the tech savvy youth of today will drive this home by demanding that their Smart Phone payments be accepted. Enroll and we'll sell it at wholesale. Process over 80k per month and    it's on us.

E-Checks/ACH/Gift  -  Card/Dial Pay  -  Cash Advance 

E-Checks and ACH are just a few of the additional services we offer, not to mention Gift/Loyalty Card programs that keep your customers coming back for more. The key is to give your customers as many payment options as you can. Cash Advance can get qualified merchants up to 80% of their monthly Visa/MC volume in a lump sum "advance", helping seasonal merchants through the lean times, or helping established merchants perform business generating improvements.

At Interchange Executive Group we use for our gateway. It is one of the largest and most trusted gateways in the nation. CoCard has negoiated for the very best rates available which we pass along to the merchant at no extra cost. There is a one time set up fee of $15 (can be as much as $199), $10 per month (can be as much as $25 per month), and a .5 cent per item fee (can be .25 to 1.00).

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